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'No One Died' - The (belated) 2012 Braindance! Forum Compilation - Available to download now (finally)!

Posted by Bit-Phalanx 
So finally, here it is...

After months of procrastination, faffing and flapping, your twelve track ode to the events of 2012 is finally here... and you can thank Jilk for the apt title - 'No One Died'.

(Cover images by Anexium. Album title by Jilk)

Here's how things are going down...

'No One Died'
(The 2012! Braindance! Forum Compilation)

Bit-Phalanx Music / BITP009DL)

1. Szuumm - 'Tha Endz (Footworking The 13th Baktun)
2. L13 - 'Champion Fucker'
3. UDAC - 'Popcorn Ultra'
4. Libythth - 'I Have No Gift Left To Bring'
5. Demagogue - 'Cornflaker'
6. § - 'Ayaz Sprang Forward in 1979'
7. Pastor Martin - 'Nibiru Is Coming (Feat. Lemonslide Gill)'
8. Wellcom - 'Last  Forever'
9. Thee Crumb - 'End Of The World'
10. Ergo. - 'A Time Of Rounds'
11. T-toe - 'An Olympic Showdown'
12. mIIm - 'The Reasoner (Instamatic Remix)'

Here's a couple of previews...

- Suumm - 'Tha Endz (Footworking The 13th Baktun)'

- T-toe - 'An Olympic Showdown'

Available to download for free now at [www.bit-phalanx.com]

Enjoy, and do keep your thoughts, reviews and critiques rolling on the other thread... [www.braindance.net]

Big thanks, and great stuff all round guys!


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