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The Braindance forum is a place for people into all kinds of electronic music. 
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New 19-T site and Bandcamp

by Dave V
178507/01/2014 06:36AM
Last Post by peace ♥

embroidered music video

by Mr Dictionary
166406/22/2014 03:43PM
Last Post by peace ♥

two syllable words relating to music   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by hoonami
9689106/20/2014 12:58PM
Last Post by vinylvandal

Forum problems

by tomrandletest
183406/20/2014 09:39AM
Last Post by hoonami

Death Grips signed to Sony.   (Pages: 1 2)

by Rinzence
1,1275706/20/2014 09:28AM
Last Post by hoonami

Snares MLIAB Bonus CD

by Dave V
228606/19/2014 12:02AM
Last Post by gwud

Heard any good music lately?

by Quim
2741706/18/2014 09:01AM
Last Post by hoonami

back again

by vinylvandal
1961006/17/2014 05:29AM
Last Post by hoonami


by Mr Dictionary
175206/16/2014 07:13PM
Last Post by timothy_price

cheesy commercial shit thread

by hardoff
3772706/10/2014 10:53PM
Last Post by fo4URm

Are you a genius?

by hardoff
1643012/02/2013 03:05AM
Last Post by gwud

New Snares Goodness

by Dave V
1491112/02/2013 02:38AM
Last Post by gwud

Independent Label Market, London - Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch. Sat 30th November

by Bit-Phalanx
1491912/02/2013 12:56AM
Last Post by wellcom


by hardoff
3132311/30/2013 11:19PM
Last Post by delet...

braindance soundcloud group   (Pages: 1 2)

by Qrqyt
3343211/29/2013 05:28AM
Last Post by peace ♥

Are we ready for another Quick Shots?   (Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9)

by toot!
2,92926011/27/2013 12:23PM
Last Post by hardoff

shex cranked the bass so hard last night, he literally destroyed the speakers

by hardoff
168711/27/2013 07:11AM
Last Post by peace ♥

MP3 Player

by fo4URm
2131911/26/2013 10:23PM
Last Post by anexium

Animation thread

by Wei
1721811/26/2013 01:23PM
Last Post by hardoff

selected ambient works book

by perrencecoriander
2101111/26/2013 01:07PM
Last Post by Mattrock